Tuesday, 26 February 2008

12 day half term and south east gridlock...

Why do teachers need so many training days and why do training days never coincide with all the schools in the area but are tagged on to various holidays regardless of what other schools may or may not be doing? I've just finished a 12 day half term because the kids are in different schools and if you are a working parent childcare must be a huge headache! (I know I'm going to get it in the neck about how hard done by teachers are, the long hours they work, the kids they have to deal with, targets and assesments they have to meet....) Getting the kids to school is great fun in the south east now, roll on all these new Thames Gateway developments... loads more cars on the road, loads more congestion, loads more CO2! And no, before you say it, car sharing will not work. For a start, a lot of people are on flexi or shift work and not everyone wants to spend the first half hour of the morning with 'that bloke with the nervous cough from human resources who just happens to live half a mile away and never pays for the petrol, ever ...', most people are trying to get kids to baby care/school/grandparents and negotiate the endless supply of speed cameras, variable or otherwise that presumably prop up the government's road widening scheme. This sounds really ranty - you'd never guess I've got a cold! (I've obviously made up the guy from resources before you start wondering!)
This morning was like a scene from Doctor Who, everyone trapped on motorways going nowhere.

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