Monday, 18 February 2008

Telephone trees and banking bungles...

Out and about yesterday and, having spotted several phone masts 'disguised' as the most hideous trees possible, I mean really, not realistic at all, I got to thinking why? Why bother, because mobile phone masts are part of modern outdoor furniture aren't they? I know, I know, no one wants to live near one and fair enough, nor should people have to but as a design object they have a certain invisible modernity. You look at it and think 'phone mast' and move on. But a fake tree? You look at it and think 'what it a piece of art masquering as an ugly tree..does it have a purpose, I wouldn't want that near my house..what is it and did it have to so tall and so oddly twigless?' At which point, if you are driving down a motorway in your fuel-efficient small car, you might have well missed your turning or worse, shunted the car in front which had slowed down to look at the weird telephone tree.
Northern Rock finally gets nationalised but after so much time wasting and dithering I wonder how many jobs will now be on the line? No matter how the government tried to dress it up it was still what it was, a bank in trouble that no one else wanted to buy. It seems Labour managed to turn this particular drama into a protracted crisis.

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