Monday, 10 March 2008

Photovoltaic cells...and water tanks!
The above link shows a picture of the kind of metal water tanks used to collect rainwater off roofs in drought affected areas of the world (we should be using this kind of rain-water collecting technology for every new house built in the south-east as there is not going to be enough water in the resevoirs to cope with demand in the future if we get incresingly hot summers. Also good for areas prone to groundwater flooding where you might not want to drink the local supply! Either underground storage for groups of houses or individual tanks for single builds.) I wonder if galvanised steel could have this new photovoltaic cells coating on it? Water storage and electricity generation together in your in your back yard - now that would be good!! (It would have to be engineered so it wasn't 'live'!)

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Anonymous said...

Yes: a country that is facing water stress and wilfully lets millions of gallons of free, usable rainwater run off roofs each year is very whimsical. (Not just the south east, either - a lot of the east coast has surprisingly little rain fall and even in February up here in North North Yorkshire, gardeners and allotment holders have been muttering about a drought .)

Whoever sets building regs in government needs their legs slapping if this osrt of technology doesn't become manadatory.