Sunday, 1 June 2008

Wouldn't it be better to sell alcohol responsibly ?

Alcohol sales have got out of hand, supermarkets pile it high and sell it cheap (3 bottles of wine for under a tenner at Asda now...) as though it were bread or toilet rolls. But alcohol isn't bread, or toilet rolls, it's a luxury item that, when mishandled and misused, wrecks health and lives and blights communities.
Social responsibility for sensible drinking lies not only with families, in teaching their young how to drink sensibly and within safe, legal limits but also with the retailers in selling alcohol to the communities on whom they rely for their workforce and their customers. Social responsibility should not end as soon as someone steps through a supermarket door. We always hear lip service about supermarkets and their community values - are they prepared to put people's health and welfare before alcohol profits?

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