Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Are hybrid cars a greener solution?

Reading the Times newspaper today I was pleased to see Jodrell Bank's future was looking safe but concerned to see other new technological advances being heralded as the way forward. Namely, electic/battery cars. I don't think open -cast nickel mining is necessarily good for the environment in the short term, or dotting the planet with nuclear power stations to provide power for millions and millions of new of cars is great in the long term either. (What's the cost of clean up at Sellafield now? One billion?)
In looking at future transport needs, surely removing the density of cars on the roads and having an efficient, cheap public transport network are the first priorities, even if this might mean facing the cold, hard fact that the days of power hungry (oil or battery or electric) personal cars are numbered.


Jock Coats said...

I'd say the first angle of attack would in fact be to reduce the need for transport and travel by ensuring that land is used most efficiently so that more people and goods live and are produced near their destination.

Over to LVT first!

Trisha xx said...

Not sure I understand what LVT is?