Monday, 7 July 2008

Parsimonious sauce with the peas please, sir!

Ah, food waste. Surely the call should be to food manufacturers and food suppliers to stop pre-packagaging and incentivising bulk food sales with short shelf lives? The stuff that ends up in the bin is not where the problem starts. What is it they say, prevention is better than cure? I'm sure, in light of the current economic climate, there will be plenty of belt-tightening and leftovers on the menu over the next few years in the UK. On the subject of waste though, how about cutting back on spending £285 million on hosting a summit for 8 leaders, have they not heard of a telephone? One wonders how big the eco-footprint of that particular G8 jolly will be.
Anyway can't wait for next week's handy hints at 'how to live frugally now the cost of living is out of control even though the economy is fine...'

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