Friday, 19 September 2008

Question Time is back and more Metallica tonight...

Watched last night's Question Time, great to see the series back. Some very interesting topics were raised, not just about the recent financial trading debacle, the US election and Labour's leadership no-contest situation (let's be honest, no one with a political career to worry about would want to be the PM who loses the next election for their party...) but also about the longer view over the direction that UK politics is going in terms of 'celebrity' and presidential-style leadership. In a popular culture that feeds off soundbites and youtube footage and where news stories, good or bad are immediately googled, texted and emailed around the globe, how politicians present themselves and their media impact is becoming vital in a race for poll points and ratings. This 'surface-culture' where the right outfit/hairstyle/lipstick is more important than ideaology seems to be importing itself into UK politics more and more, whether media or consumer/marketing-led and it will be interesting to see where it leads.
Just noticed that after 'Later..' on BBC 2 tonight there is a Metallica documentary abour their European tour.

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