Tuesday, 7 October 2008

1.6 million litres a year and we all pay...

It was revealed yesterday by The Sun that Starbucks was wasting 1.6 million litres of water a year in the UK by leaving taps running. Apparently they are now going to turn off the taps which is a relief as it is exactly this kind of big, corporate waste that we all end up having to pay for with higher water rates.
I hope that this water was metered and charged for, if not there should be a mechanism for the water companies to reclaim the cost of that wasted water rather than passing it on to the domestic user because what is the point of us all fitting water efficient taps, showers, duel flush cisterns, smaller baths, water efficient washing machines, water butts etc if the commercial sector are, quite literally, emptying it down the drain?
(rant over)
Thought this was a great idea for an alternative power source, the hot water mines as this article in the Times yesterday revealed. Why isn't the UK investing in this sort of industry? Localised power for communities from a raft of green technologies (renewable wood/rubbish burning, wind, water, solar, ground heat etc) coming under a nationalised overall umbrella is exactly what we should all be investing in, not these sub-prime money markets. It means we stop reliance on the power giants and give people a really viable alternative local green economy to invest and work in. Well, I am sure there will be a million reasons why this is a rubbish idea...

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