Sunday, 5 October 2008

3BT, navel gazing, Strictly not enough time and gardening on the web...

Haven't done a 3BT for a while and so 'ere tis:

1) In a moment of random navel gazing indulgence I discovered that if I add up the day, month and year of my birthday it totals 2000.

2) Last night's Strictly...sadly I haven't the time to devote to blogging about it this year but if you are a fan you can relive the last night's action on the Strictly website (check out Tom and Camilla's black and gold brilliance!)Also Jaye's blog has updates and news...

3) Garden blogs, great for when it's hounding down with rain like today..try: Blackpitts Garden (lots of links as well to other well-known gardeners)
The Garden Monkey (blogger online) and
MyFolia where you can not only blog yourself but organise, share and track your garden's progress and that of the online community. (You'll find me in there somewhere...)


The Garden Monkey said...

Thank you for the mention.

Garden blogs are indeed beautiful - though I'm not sure mine is.


James A-S said...

And it's Thank you from me as well.