Monday, 20 October 2008

credit crunch and the climate.... no time to stick our heads in the sand.

Thought that this was an interesting article about how the credit crunch could be disastrous for climate control measures...
I've long been a sceptic of all the carbon-trading schemes that governments around the world try and fool themselves into thinking they are being ecologically responsible with (if you want to produce less greenhouse gases use less carbon and less greenhouse gases!).

I keep hearing about ridiculous plans to build new airports, relocate new airports, allow more flights from airports... and even more silly, remove aviation emissions from targets! This might well become a moot point though as a global economic downturn will limit air travel anyway.

I do like the idea that councils are beginning to think of turning off street lights that aren't necessary, I'm sure there is all kinds of smart lighting technology that could be employed in some areas, street lighting that is activated by sensor when needed rather than lighting a whole arcade/street/underpass for hours for the two passerbys that might be using it. I saw an interesting article about how solar power technology is getting to the point that it can be wrapped around objects like buildings (and lamposts?) which would be great for city lighting.

Rather than carbon-trading we should be make commitments to fund innovative design and scientific progress into those old favourites...reduce, recycle, reuse. Not to mention championing green technologies. The difficulty will be, as the price tags for various green initiatives shows on this article, that individual homeowners will struggle during the credit crunch to find the kind of spare cash needed to implement these measures without subsidies and grants.

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