Friday, 17 October 2008

Kent Council madness..

The latest in pointless central government rulings handed down from on high is highlighted in this article... where now local schools have to hand back cash that has been carefully saved for several years and earmarked for specific projects that need large budgets and careful planning, such as special needs support suites ... once again, it will be the most vulnerable in the education system that lose out.

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Iain Roberts said...

I've not been in Kent for a while, and even longer since my mum was a County Councillor, but there must be a way round the reserves issue.

In principle, money going into schools should be spent on the kids who are there today (excluding a sensible reserve) so I don't think it's ludicrous that schools are asked to use it or lose it.

I see the point about large capital projects: might there be a way to ring-fence that money in the accounts?