Saturday, 20 December 2008

Strictly sillyness and no movement down on interests rates please...

Tonight sees the sequin-laden finale of this year's Strictly Over-the-Top tears n' tantrums celebfest with three couples trying to fandango (ok, so it's probably a quickstep!) their way to holding aloft the glitterball trophy. Quite frankly, I can't wait..about time too. I am entirely bored by the Beeb's inability to be able to run any kind of phone-in competition without it resulting in high-farce (see last week's pointless phone-in exercise) and refunds and apologies. It's not difficult Aunty...get the judges to score, get the public to vote...job done! Let's hope they don't bother with a dance-off tonight, there's no point phoning in if they do, just let the judges decide it instead - it's not like it's for charity anymore anyway, I'm just watching for the fab dresses, the professionals-only dance routines and the judges' hysterical hyperbole.

Lots of talk about parity and deflation and the dreaded 0 percent barrier. I hope next year that the Bank of England keeps interest rates at about 2% or certainly above 1.5% so that, even with euro-parity, we can encourage investment in our financial markets, offer something to overseas investors and keep UK savings bringing in returns for the large numbers of people reliant on them. There is no point pouring in vast tonnes/tons of money into the financial system to then not give the system a framework robust enough to work within.

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