Monday, 26 January 2009

Heathrow-On-Sea? (car chaos crisis for south-east!)

I was very interested to read about Boris Johnson's floating airport plans yesterday and read with particular amusement about the new road links (widening the M2 - isn't that just what we've had for the last ten years?)because I presume Mr. Johnson was having a laugh at the south-east's expense.

Anyone who has spent a miserable morning in a car on the motorways in this corner of Kent when there has been an accident on one of the motorways, (not to mention gridlock should there be an accident on both the M2 and M20) and maybe a ferry dispute or chunnel fire as well will be understandably appalled at the thought of adding into that mix traffic from an international airport plus the proposed extra traffic from KIG.
In a perfect, green world we would all get the train from our front door to the plane but this isn't a perfect world and most people will try and get to the airport by car which would mean pretty much having to tarmac over the whole of Sheppey to support parking space. Remember how bad it was getting on and off the island at peak times before the new bridge?

As for extending and widening the M2, I would not be happy about seeing more of the North Downs being chewed up for an unnecessary transport scheme. The way to reduce short-haul flights to Europe is not to build another airport but build better rail links out of London to the north from the new high speed terminals and utilise Europe's high speed network and incentivise business use of this rail network.

As a final note, when the motorways clog up in this corner of kent, the towns do to, Maidstone, Medway, Gravesend, Dartford, backing all the way up to the M25...and causing chaos for businesses and schools - the alternative to Heathrow expansion is not expansion just a bit further round the M25!

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