Monday, 30 March 2009

Tansy and Borage... Big day out...

Tansy and Borage seeds have arrived, potatoes are chitting and onion sets are ready to go... counting down for the allotment!
(Tansy, a natural insect repellent, is said to help get rid of white/black fly and so good for planting between bean crops.. this tansy seed is from Victoriana Nursery Gardens.)

If, like us, you completely missed all the advertising for the Kent Big Day Out but still managed to get out (despite the rain, hail, howling gales and cold, cold, cold temps.) there is a video competition of your day out running until the 24th April. All details on website . We tried walking on Minster beach, screaming winds and rain making it more of a huddled apology of a stroll than a bracing walk and then took sanctuary in the Gatehouse Museum in Minster which was open for the day. a real treasure trove of artefacts from the local area from Victorian samplers to fossils, skulls, roman coins and local artwork; it was a fab half hour of pottering among the eclectic collection in a great building complete with roof views and a stone spiral staircase.

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