Monday, 18 June 2012

Prometheus 3D

Prometheus 3D (15)
Director ~ Ridley Scott

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This sci-fi/horror prequel squelches off to a leaky start with a hominoid ET disintegrating in a special effects spectacular that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Each lingering close-up, panning, zooming, 3D visual shot turns this much-hyped prequel into a fashion shoot for cinematic techno-wizardry. H.R. Giger's gorgeous murals are the mainstay of the alien vision on a distant planet that mankind has been pointed to by ancient cave paintings. This is where the story echoes the first Alien movie in so much as a team is put together and sent out to find what is on this planet. They seek answers to human existence but find squidgy, wiggly, vicious alien bio-weapons instead.

At this point fans of the Alien series might want lots of screaming, running down Giger-inspired corridors and sweaty knuckle-biting scares but instead the plot plods off into the ego of the man behind the Prometheus mission and his very dysfunctional family. The last remaining 'hominoid behind the aliens' shows little intellectual enlightenment when awoken, so the questions posed by the expedition remain unanswered. Why humans? Why aliens? Well... why not? What we do get at the end of the movie is a reason for the signal in the first Alien movie but that's it. To sum up, three out five stars, visually stunning but dull.  

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