Monday, 7 October 2013

Sci-Fi Story part of the 'Other Worlds, Other Voices' Exhibition 5th-13th October 2013

Don't forget, you can read my sci-fi short story, 'Simultaneity (a sort of stereo dreaming)'  and participate by adding your own dream stories in the notebooks provided as part of  the 'Other Worlds, Other Voices' Exhibition, at the Rochester Community Hub Library all this week. I'm hoping to end up with an 'X-files' of local stories. This story is only available to read at the library in full but here's an excerpt to tempt you ~

'So, here goes. I am going to write out some of my dreams, the ones where I am convinced that somewhere, someone, simultaneously is dreaming them too. And I know that often they are just fragments of dreams. That they are little more than the frail, dust-tattered wings of moths caught in the full glare of daylight. A shadow of those moments shared, distorted through the prism of the cold, hard light of waking hours.
But I've tried everything else I can think of. Attended dream seminars, consulted sleep therapists, read quantum physics theories, talked to psychics, mediums, doctors, tried hypnotherapy, regression, progression... at the end of the day, all I am left with is my dream diary. A pile of battered spiral-bound reporters notebooks in which I jot down all I can remember from the night before. They sit on the bedside table each night waiting for the next installment. A year's worth of writing. Moments of simultaneity. '

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