Sunday, 6 October 2013

Two exhibitions at the Turner Contemporary, Margate

Collecting Buoys (View form the Turner Contemporary ) 05/10/13

Turner and Constable : Sketching from Nature
(Works from the Tate Collection)
5 October 2013 ~ 5 January 2014

Over 75 landscape paintings from a selection of artists working in the 18th century. These pictures were a new direction in painting at that time, a change from studio based art to a reactive style working directly with oils in the landscape. They also give a remarkable historical record of urban change taking place in the Georgian landscape, particularly around London, as the industrial revolution and the enclosure of land pulled the population into ever growing cities. Well worth a visit for a chance to examine the techniques and paint effects of these landscape painters.

 Dorothy Cross: Connemara
5 October 2013 ~ 5 January 2014

A selection of the artist's work inspired by the natural world. Look out for a storm in a teacup, some interesting feet and boots and the beautiful 'Everest Shark'.

For more information on these two exhibitions visit the gallery website here. The image above is from a photo I took on the day.

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