Friday, 22 November 2013

Winter winds...

It seems that Autumn was blown away by the St Jude storm and the blowsy days of mellow sun and crisp leaves underfoot have been replaced with winter winds. As such, work in the garden has stalled and I am kicking myself for not getting the pond in or the new wild cherry tree planted or the spring bulbs relocated or the grass cut to a more respectable length...

Winter winds have bought the hail and rain with them.

One benefit it that the change in temperature has bought in more birds into the garden. Jay, magpie, blackbird, thrush, wren, robin and the usual crowd of blue tits and great tits are now visiting the bird table more often and I have great fun leaving out a few hazelnuts for the squirrels to frantically try and  bury all over the garden.

I need to brush up on my action shots! 

Nothing beats the winter weather quite like a bit of bird watching with slice of cake
and nice cup of tea.

Victoria sponge with vanilla and raspberry.

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