Tuesday, 15 July 2014

And now for some Zombies...

So far this summer I have been busy getting all my short stories, sci-fi and poetry into ebook formats of one form or another in an effort to try and consolidate all my stories into something more tangible than just collecting the proverbial dust in old hard drives, floppy disks and even good old word processor and typewriter files... yes they do go back that far.
And, as I was searching around, I found and reread Space Zombie Holiday and its half-finished sequel and found I still like it and so now you can own a copy too on Kindle Edition format on Amazon here ~  (Though be warned, it is gory.)

Here's a quick summary of the plot for you....

Captain Rock Jansson is a decorated Allied Galactic Forces war veteran who, after losing his entire squad, is given extended official leave and advised by his doctor to take a holiday. He opts for a relaxing ski holiday on Outpost Earth on the other side of the galaxy but is accidentally followed there by the enemy; an army of ferocious seven foot, flesh-eating, green space zombies. They are led by their mind-controlling Generals who believe their army also needs some rest and relaxation. Jansson has no choice but to fight the space zombies with the scant resources available and the five eccentric remaining inhabitants of Outpost Earth. Utilizing an illegal whisky still, garden implements and the fake snow system at a ski resort in Farlogie, Scotland, Jansson and his new team take on the space zombie army but will they escape or be eaten alive?

I now am going to sink my teeth into the writing the rest of Sil's Bar, the sequel to it so here's a quick reminder of other stuff I've written also available on Amazon ~

You can now buy Crater* (distopian pulp science fiction novella) on Amazon in Kindle Edition format here ~ Crater*

You can now buy two of my science fiction short stories in Kindle Edition format on Amazon here ~


And also a selection of my poems here ~

And also now available ~
Bird Moment Haiku (52 haiku about birds)

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