Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Autumn arrives with spiders and newts



River Barle

After a week in Devon near lovely Exmoor, it seems I've returned to an autumnal garden with leaves falling, seedheads replacing flowers and plenty of spiders emerging, their webs picked out in the rain. There's a new spider I've not seen before, I think it's cave dweller living very contentedly in the compost bin and in the now very overgrown pond, are several larval newts, feathery gills emerging. The later dawn and earlier dusk makes spotting bats and foxes easier and the hollyhock and buddlja are still buzzing with bees, hover flies and wasps. 
After the moor, it's easy to overlook how much wildlife a garden supports, there may not be rolling heather hills with red deer and ponies, rushing rivers full of otters and trout but autumn brings an abundance of nature to our doorstep if we stop and take a closer look.

'compost bin spider'

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