Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Seeds are for sowing..

It's always a delight at this time of year to dig out the old, round sweet tin I keep my seed packets in and have a root through to see what I'm going to sow for this year. I had almost forgotten the ornamental purple cotton seeds that had taken my fancy last year. Plus the 'oak leaf' lettuce and basil for the windowsill. I found an unused packet of cornflowers from a multi-pack that is still in date and some carnivorous fly-catcher seeds from Chelsea that must be used by SEPT  2015! (No putting it off any longer then.) And, after a missing a year last year, several packets of various sweet peas. Add to this rather eclectic selection my son's packet of California Giant Redwood doing their pre-planting cold stint in the fridge and it's no wonder the garden is never a symphony of well-planned or co-ordinated schemes...

Cotton seeds can be purchased at Cotton Acres.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Reseeding and repairing...

Spring has sprung as far as the birds are concerned in the garden. Despite the frosty nights and regularly frozen pond, buds are ripening and the crocus are marching with their trumpets in full bloom. The weather forecast promises an unseasonably warm weekend and so it's time to repair and reseed the much neglected lawn. I've gone for some Grammy-chic orange temporary fencing to protect the newly reseeded and filled holes our dog had decided the garden needed. Hopefully, by Easter, the lawn should be looking in better shape.

jack frost patterns

patching up the lawn

temporary fencing 

hyacinths nearly blooming

crocus trumpets

Planting note:
Peony Sarah Bernhardt
Dahlia Arabian Night
Dahlia Kordessa

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sci-Fi short story over on my fiction blog..

Ripplestone Review Blog Fiction: Shut-Eye (a science fiction short story)

Shut-Eye by P L Herlihy (all rights reserved)

Have you ever woken up with a jolt, as though you are falling but instead of landing, you wake up? It is, of course, neither a physical landing not an imaginary fall but the synaptic jolting of your subconscious returning from a trip across the multiverse back to your own brain.
It only happens during sleep and very few people realise what they are experiencing is space travel, in fact, very few people realise they exist in a multiverse, universes stacking up across infinity, folding and unfolding like a prairie of wild flowers... anyhow, let's leave infinity for now. The thing is, next time you get some shut-eye, I'll be waiting for you and then you'll understand...

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A year in the garden...

A round-up of the year in photos from the garden ~ 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Rochester & Strood By-Election

Living near the borders of  the Rochester & Strood constituency, so near that we've had a few errant phone canvassers ringing us up, it has been interesting to watch the by-election unfold. It is clear that the old two party politics of a centralised government system is no longer appropriate for local issues. 
Difficult and expensive road infrastructure making it hard to reach a hospital in special measures, delays in regeneration of the waterfront, the threat of airport expansion and loss of green spaces, concerns over primary education and special needs provision, a constituency split by a river and hemmed in by motorways and part of the much larger urban conurbation of the Medway Towns... 

This by-election has seen the emergence of many candidates, UKIP may have thought they'd be smiling all the way to another seat but it is more likely that the major parties will lose votes to a host of smaller parties. It is not so much a litmus test for next year's election but an example of how the political goodwill of a community has been worn thin by the relentless pressure on living standards and a lack of understanding of local issues. 

List of candidates ~ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29616021