Monday, 20 September 2021

Amulet of Tears: Book One now available as an eBook or paperback

Just a quick update to announce that Amulet of Tears: Book One is now available as a Kindle eBook (99p) and also a paperback on Amazon (£4.99), just click on the title to go directly to the Amazon UK website. I'm delighted to have the first book written in this science fiction/fantasy saga and you can follow my writing process over on my other Twitter account @TearsAmulet or find out a bit more on my Ripplestone Review Fiction Blog, link in the sidebar.

Nanu, with the help of his sister Seer and mentor Zoa, is running a gruelling race across the fire plains of Naime to win back the Amulet of Tears for his people. Naime is their home planet, one of the Tied Worlds ruled by Ota. By winning it, he will set the Naime free from Ota's brutal rule.
The Amulet is an ancient jewel Blem is prepared to pay trillions for. Ota knows, if he sells the jewel, he will be able to pay off his debts beyond the Tied Worlds & be free.
Blem's protégé Cha, is a Wind Walker whose people Ota destroyed. She wants to do more than help procure the jewel for Blem but inadvertently sets out on an adventure of her own across the Tied Worlds.
Jovu, Blem’s deal broker is simply after making sure he gets the best deal, whether it's Ota, Blem or Ota's creditors that he deals with. Lasha & Nott are bounty hunters now commissioned to hunt down Ota.
Between them all, they trigger a set of events that will take them beyond the fire plains & rift mines of Naime & eventually, beyond the Tied Worlds solar system...

Friday, 20 August 2021

New handmade items available!

My Etsy shop is now open again with a range of handmade, individual gifts, paintings and cards.

(Click on images to go to shop.)

Monday, 12 July 2021

Yandles Summer Handmade Market this Saturday ~17th July 2021


Looking forward to my first craft fair at Yandles this Saturday, with a range of handmade cards, crochet gifts and watercolours.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

June & July summer exhibition

 I am delighted to be exhibiting watercolours, oils and small collages at the Creative Studio Art Gallery, Great Bow Wharf, Bow Street, Langport, TA10 9PN this summer during June & July. There is a lovely selection of local artists across a range of mediums situated in a beautiful repurposed wharf building on the River Parrett. You can grab a bite to eat in the Kitchen and wander along the river paths as well.

Good Luck Tor, watercolour in a Fairtrade frame. (sold)
Paper collage of Kilve Beach, Somerset looking towards Exmoor.

Egret flypast and Swans at Ham Wall nature reserve, watercolours.

Two views of Burnham-on-Sea, paper collage. (sold)

Beach Moments at Charmouth, Dorset.
Mosaic on watercolour paper handmade in Somerset.

Winter Walk near Glastonbury Tor

White Horse, Kilve Beach, Somerset (oils on board).

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Beautiful June

Everything seems to be flowering at once this month in the garden. The warm wet weather has bought lots of buds and growth but not so many butterflies this year. The prolonged wet weather was not good for the outdoor vegetable seeds, I'm on my second lot of bean sowings as the first were lost to slugs and pigeons but have managed to get some shallots and rhubarb going. 

I have begun another lawn spiral, this time in the front, they start off pretty unruly but after few mows settle down. If you are tempted to try one & have an electric mower, please make sure you remember where the cable is at all times. 

Lawn spiral

Nigella, tiarella & green alkanet

bearded iris, knautia and lavender

tea rose