Friday, 8 February 2008


One law for one, one law for another? Never a good idea. Are women allowed to be Archbishops yet?

Thursday, 7 February 2008

A 2-1 win in friendly...

Last night the new England manager, Capello, gave the fans a straightforward answer to why he's the man for the job, a 2-1 win in the friendly with Switzerland. While Rooney came within a whisker's breadth of some great goals, it was teamwork and making opportunities that forced the victory. (Jenus and Wright-Phillips scoring the goals.) Even the pitch at Wembley held up. More wins like that please, all the way to the World Cup.
(I can think of someone else who could do with practising some straightforward answers to questions!)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Think differently...

Websites for budding engineers... learning fun!

Have you had a weekend stuck indoors due to bad weather/colds etc and wondered how to keep everyone entertained? These websites are endless entertainment for budding engineers and designers - but be warned - launchball has the whole family hooked!
(At the lego site the instructions are available to rebuild all those creations whose leaflets have long since been lost!)

back again, back again..moving blog home!

Yep, here I am... again, apparently some trouble accessing my blog on other sites so have returned back to blogger! I shall endeavour to make this the blog bit of ripplestone.. you can still catch me at and also (mini arts and nature ezine) and of course the ripplestone garden on flickr...