Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Banana Saucepan Cake


3 oz unsalted butter
3oz dark brown soft sugar
1 large banana or two small
6 to 9 oz self raising flour
2 free range eggs, whisked

Grease and flour non-stick loaf tin really well.

Place large saucepan on lowest heat possible and melt 3 oz unsalted butter in it.
Add 3 oz dark brown sugar and melt in together, stirring well till combined. Do not let mixture burn or boil. (Take care - hot butter and sugar burns!)
Remove from heat, place pan on heatproof surface and mash banana into mixture.
Then add 6 oz flour and whisked eggs, mixing well. Do not worry if mixture starts to curdle, add more flour. Keep adding flour to you hit a consistency of cake you are happy with, the drier the mixture the drier the cake.

Spoon mixture into tin, and cook in preheated oven, 175 Âșc for up to half an hour or so. Check cake after 15 mins to see if it is burning on top and not cooking through – turn down heat if this is case. Check with knife through middle of cake to test when cooked, if knife comes out clean cake is cooked.

Slide knife round sides and turn out onto rack to cool when cooked. Best eaten cold. Keeps well for a couple of days if kept in airtight container.

Maybe not holier, but definitely richer than you...

Apparently a Vatican Cardinal has drawn up a new list of sins for the modern world. Included in those is accumulating excessive wealth...not sure where the line is drawn but but it is worth remembering the Vatican has an accumulated worth estimated at $10 - $15 billion....

Monday, 10 March 2008

Photovoltaic cells...and water tanks!

The above link shows a picture of the kind of metal water tanks used to collect rainwater off roofs in drought affected areas of the world (we should be using this kind of rain-water collecting technology for every new house built in the south-east as there is not going to be enough water in the resevoirs to cope with demand in the future if we get incresingly hot summers. Also good for areas prone to groundwater flooding where you might not want to drink the local supply! Either underground storage for groups of houses or individual tanks for single builds.) I wonder if galvanised steel could have this new photovoltaic cells coating on it? Water storage and electricity generation together in your in your back yard - now that would be good!! (It would have to be engineered so it wasn't 'live'!)

Photovoltaic cells...fab idea!

The above link is an article about research being done at Swansea University for coating steel with photo-voltaic cells to generate power! What a fab idea!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Koozac maths game

The Click programme on the BBC this week featured a nifty website for a tetris-style game that relies on your mental arithmetic skills! Get in training now at www.koozac.com and hone up your skills for working out how we will be paying for the New Labour deficit, I mean budget!