Friday, 28 March 2008

Lights off it's Earth Hour this weekend....

Invicta fm are organising an Earth Hour this weekend, encouraging everyone across Kent to turn off our lights for one hour between 8-9pm tomorrow, Saturday 29th March.
More info about the idea at:

Baggage hell, computer games, end of ashes to ashes...

Sometimes bigger isn't better, as ably demonstrated by the new baggage handling technique at T5 in Heathrow yesterday, which must be rather embarrasssing after watching a programme all about how they'd tested the baggage handling capacity before the terminal opened. Computer glitches are to be blamed, though I'm sure those passengers who have had connections missed, business plans destroyed, holidays ruined and a night on a T5 bench will consider it more than a glitch.
Talking of computer glitches, I am delighted that a review of the computer games industry has found that ratings need to be overhauled. First person shooter games, often devoid of moral reasoning or consequences of actions should have an 18 cert. and the ratings should be the same as cinema and DVD guidelines, nice to see someone is finally showing a bit of common sense.

I have been enjoying the 'Ashes to Ashes' series and was sad to see it end last night I hope it returns next year so I can continue saying all those things like 'Oh, I had shoes/a hairstyle like that, I loved this song! Look at that lamp!'

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Olympic parabolic miror focuses it's uncomfortable glare on Beijing...

As the torch was lit for the relay around the world to unite atheletes to compete in the Olympics, the parabolic mirror managed to focus most on China's poor record on human rights and particularly the recent violence in Tibet. It will be interesting to see how China reacts over the next few months to the olive branch torch heading it's way, a symbol of peace, hope and a world sporting movement dedicated to competition without descrimination, retribution or fear.