Monday, 21 April 2008

'Help for poor later' ????

How much later? When 5.3 million of the lowest paid have been pushed closer to declaring bancruptcy or voluntary insolvency because, as we head into credit crunch around the world because banks etc have been selling credit(most of it unregulated from the amount of wildly ridiculous offers of instant credit I get in the junk mail!)without looking at the consequences, 'New Labour' is going to maybe help out at some unspecified time... maybe, if we they can be bothered... meanwhile nothing is done to end the disparate charging of power companies to this sector of the population as well or the fact that house values have risen to the point of pure greed...if I am having a bit of a rant here and it's getting incoherent well, tough, I'm angry! These are my angry eyes!
If this is Labour's plan to head off a recession then quite frankly, God help us. This sector of society can not support the middle-aged, middle-class sector and if this budge was seen as some kind of vote-winning exercise, because that five point three million votes won't count, then I hope it backfires because it makes me sick to the stomach.
In fact, I'm so angry I'm going to stop. There is something deeply wrong with this govenment's moral compass if it honestly believes the 10p rate is justifiable, this isn't a plan for a thriving society..