Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Wimbledon, what a corker this year...

Well, it was a colourful start to Wimbledon this year as John McEnroe turned the airwaves blue with his no-nonsense commentary.. and that was just the start of it.
Chris Eaton upset the applecart and landed Boris Pashanski in a right old mess by beating him is straight sets leaving the crowds on Henman's Hill with a tough choice, will it be Murray's Mount or Eaton's Army this year.
Nadal dropped a set (actually I'm not sure he did drop a set, it might have been a tie-break thing!), Venus Williams dropped a set and Djokovic drops out completely in three straight sets in fantastic game with Safin today.
There's all kinds of fuss over clothing - personally I think you can't beat a nice cardie but what do I know about tennis fashion...I do think Wimbledon needs to get tough on those logos appearing all over the outfits again, leave them for the ad campaigns, not the court.
All this and it hasn't even started raining yet...