Sunday, 10 August 2008

Do they really think a vote is worth £150.00?

According to the Times everyone with kids will get a £150.00 pay out towards rising fuel bills this winter. Personally, considering the damage done by the 10p tax fiasco, I think the last thing this country needs is to have the noses of the very poor rubbed in the fact that the 'middle class' will get a perk (nice meal for the family or a couple of takeaways or a new set of scatter cushions...) while they just get a sop towards the crippling price of energy now. (Average bills must now be about £1000.) It is bizarre that a Prime Minister who is so concerned about global poverty and global child welfare is so unconcerned about the very real levels of fuel poverty in this country. I guess it's another way of sidestepping the issue instead of confronting the energy companies over their excessive profits. This payout shows how mad the economy is because it seems that even the government is admitting that most people will struggle to pay their energy bills this year, I mentioned 'middle class' earlier in this little rant, the truth of it is that New Labour have not made the majority or people wealthier, just a very few and we are now all 'working class' and fuel poor.(My vote is never for sale.)