Saturday, 4 October 2008

government reshuffle just a case of the cabinet's new clothes...

I can't imagine anyone in the country will be fooled into thinking that shuffling an already chaotic government (does anyone actually know who's in charge of what department anymore?) will help.
Interesting report about people in the south east turning to wood as fuel to help beat rising gas/electic prices. It is only when customers start leaving and there is real competition in the market that the power companies will have to redress their profit margins and start introducing lower prices. It would be great to see wood coppicing returning and regenerating our native woodlands.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Maidstone Museum's new statue and 150 years of collecting...

Being one of those people who likes to collect stuff (objet trouve, memories....) I couldn't resist the chance (training day at school - child to entertain for a day!)to check out the Kaleidoscope Exhibition at Maidstone Museum & Bentliff Art Gallery which celebrates 150 years of collecting. The exhibit runs till 26th October and features some great and gruesome items from the museum's store cupboards, including a tigerskin from the days of the Raj complete with bullet holes. It also meant we were able to see the newly unveiled statue commemorating the 60th anniversary of the raising of the Queen's Gurkha Engineers by Sussex sculptor Mary Scott.
The museum continues to be a great local resource and of huge value for teaching younger generations all about our history and our community.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

On this website you'll find a slideshow of some gorgeous horse photos from Tim Flach's new book Equus.