Friday, 17 October 2008

Kent Council madness..

The latest in pointless central government rulings handed down from on high is highlighted in this article... where now local schools have to hand back cash that has been carefully saved for several years and earmarked for specific projects that need large budgets and careful planning, such as special needs support suites ... once again, it will be the most vulnerable in the education system that lose out.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Found the lead thingy for the sprocket ... (see previous blog)

Spider safari....

Cobwebs in the rain and Hugh Jackman back to back..

Ahh, have lost the lead thingy that goes in the sprocket thingy to upload photos from spider safari, see previous blog.. never mind, have just watched two movies on DVD that both had Hugh Jackman in (chosen without realising he was in both) and it occurred to me that he has a chameleon ability to completely submerge into his characters and become unrecognisable.

I can recommend both movies if you didn't get to see them at the cinema. 'The Fountain' (Tree of Life/hero quest/eternal searching...that sort of thing - filming slightly obscures the interwoven stories but some damn fine imagery and acting.)and 'The Prestige', two magicians trying to out trick each other, nice twists to the plot but if you work it out early on, don't tell the person you're watching it with- you will only annoy them and get blamed for ruining it afterwards! (It is pretty easy to work out.) Nice to see Roger Rees in it and watch out for a cameo by David Bowie with a hugely scary moustache.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

42 day detention abandoned..creepy crawlies in the garden... and something to smile about

Glad to see this most dehumanising bit of legislation has been thrown out by the Lords and we that are not a police state quite yet.
The march of creepy crawlies in our gardens is underway, yet more if there aren't enough at this time of year, now we have to watch out for tube web spiders and false widows...
Off to go on spider safari in the garden...
While searching for the above BBC link I found these credit crunch jokes... something to smile about!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

‘Oh! Not in the chrysanthemums!’

A little ode in honour of
'Lets all post cat photos and dire poetry on our blogs' (LAPCPADPOUB*) day

I love my old moggy
- I really do
But I wish that my flowerbeds
Weren’t so full of his poo

(Just have to add to this - 5- 1! nothing to do with cats - all about football!)