Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Please support this Bill.

Private Members' Bill: Take Action

On 7 October, the Autism Bill (Draft) was launched in Parliament, in partnership with Angela Browning MP and with comprehensive support from the autism community. This Bill has been developed to challenge the exclusion from services that many people with autism face and we need your help to ensure that the Bill is taken forward as what is known as a Private Members' Bill.
On 3 December the annual Private Members' Bill ballot will be held in the House of Commons. MPs'names are picked out of the ballot at random and the first few that are selected will have the opportunity to introduce a bill into Parliament which has a chance of becoming law.
The Autism Bill aims to strengthen information about the numbers of people with autism and their needs, in order to improve local planning and commissioning of services. It aims to improve inter-agency working to secure effective transition for disabled young people who are moving from child to adult services. Finally, it aims to ensure access to appropriate support and services for people with autism in adult life.
(text from the National Autistic Society)