Friday, 21 November 2008

strictly not cricket... but definitely fab footie..

So, John and Kristina bow out of Strictly and, whether for personal reasons, prior engagements, embarrasment or just plain can't be doing with all the negative vibes from the judges, it somehow feels seems yet another nail in 'Aunty's' coffin, I can't imagine how the BBC has managed to make itself quite so unpopular or so out of touch with public opinion in the last few years!

If the judges want a dance competition, go back to the original 'Come Dancing' format, use only professional or amateur dancers from dance schools around the country and stop taking all that money from the public vote. (I think they should refund the phone vote for the entire series because of the lack of transparency in the public vote, or publish the vote results.)

It's interesting to see their rival, X-factor manage to use the public vote to solve deadlock amongst the judges voting disputes and decide the final winner.

Fab friendly footie match for England this week, 2-1 against Germany and I'm not even going to mention that goal, read about it here.

Sunday, 16 November 2008