Friday, 9 January 2009

Will the interest rate cut really help?

The rate cut doesn't seem to help on bank loan rates, overdraft facilities, credit card debt, savings and pensions, fuel prices, food... all the areas that people trying desperately hard not be reliant on the state are being hit by the 'credit crunch'.

The only area it seems to help is people who have bought/switched to a tracker mortgage in the last few years.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Why Labour's profit-before-people Britain is quite barmy...

News of more job losses on the High Street as Marks and Spencer announces 1200 jobs cuts and axing shops because it had a slow quarter... yes, not that it made a loss but that it's predicted to only make pre-tax profits in 2008-09 of £720 million! Profit before people, not very philanthropic during an economic crisis. Large, safe, high street institutions should be using their profits to shore up the high street, not dismantle it further. Perhaps if they spent a lttle less on advertising this year, they could keep those 1200 people employed, rather than adding them to the end of Labour's new credit-crunch unemployment line.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

3BT eyes, soul and feet! (three beautiful things)

Nothing was a better antidote to the Xmas cold this holiday than curling up on the sofa for a morning and watching the Mama Mia! DVD. Yes, I know, I'm probably the last woman on the planet to watch it but what a feast for winter eyes.. all that sun-kissed sand and song, great cast and romcom plot..good medicine for the soul indeed.

Have been catching up with the backlog of Xmas tv taping that seems to pile up as far to busy to watch tv properly during the hols. (TV hogged by younger generation...)The youngest has been nagging me to watch Howl's Moving Castle as it is 'spectacular!' and finally got round to it yesterday. Spectacular indeed, a gorgeously animated feast for the eyes, I've banned anyone from taping over it till we can get hold of a DVD of it. (I'm probably the last person on the planet to watch this movie too...)

Have spent the day wearing my new bamboo socks and am now a complete convert to these organic wonders. Lovely!

(The photos in the previous post were taken at Folkestone on one of those blue-sky wintry days.)