Friday, 20 February 2009

Finally.. some common sense to primary education,baluster vase and more allotments required

An inquiry into primary education has finally realised that far too much time is spending on teaching kids how to pass a test and not on actually educating them! Sadness for the generations already lost in a system based purely on grades, results, funding and quotas but at least there might be a better future for kids starting their education now.

(For anyone locally whose kids have been following Time Team on telly, the recent dig featuring a medieval keep, showed them finding parts of a baluster vase - Maidstone museum has some lovely whole examples of these vases should you want to add a little more info around the subject.)

I love the idea that the National Trust are going to start providing allotments, but how embarrasing for local councils up and down the country that they have failed to provide 100,000 people (waiting list estimate)with plots. Should have spent less time investing money in banks and more time investing in their communities.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Kent's colussus..

Art goes large as the winner of the Ebbsfleet Landmark is revealed to be Mark Wallinger's big white horse. Not my favourite to win but it will be interesting to follow the project.