Friday, 20 March 2009

Don't forget...Earth Hour and World Water Day...

Don't forget to turn off all non-essential lights for Earth Hour on Saturday March 28th 8.30pm. We did this last year and even the kids were happy to join in.
World Water Day is this Sunday March 22nd and will be focusing this year on transboundary water systems and sharing resources.

'The flow of the water is always to the sea, whether over rapids or through slow pools, the journey is the life of the river and the ocean is where the river becomes one with all rivers, regardless of where they started or what they became.'

Monday, 16 March 2009

spring garden pictures...

more at ripplestone garden..

and the winner is....(RND 09)

Loved RND this year on tv, particularly the skit with the England football team but the highlight surely has to be the Lets dance.. contest with Robert Webb as winner on Saturday night. If you missed his Flashdance routine you can catch it here. Welding will never be the same.
If you don't know who Robert Webb is, he is half of comedy duo Mitchell and Webb. (David Mitchell was on the panel last week of Question Time.)