Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Field Tree

In time and only in time
Will my grand design be revealed
In leaf and bud and spreading bough
My arching triumph of shade and light
A patterned tapestry on the floor below

My leaves, soft and green in Summer
Are soon set ablaze by Autumn
One moment crimson, the next gone
As laughing in the wind I let go
And they spiral down, out of control

Through Winter I keep the sky above
Taut and stretched with brittle fingers
My bark reveals the patina of my age
Lichen on the north and up above
A sprig of mistletoe clings

But when the sap rises
And the birds return
When breaking buds burst open
And the frost melts into Spring
Then I am glorious and reborn

And you may carve your name on me
As a reminder should you forget your love
I will not forget in time, like you
As here I stand
In leaf and bud and spreading bough