Friday, 6 November 2009

Truck Racing at Brands Hatch

Last Saturday was spent at the Delphi Truck Superprix at Brands Hatch watching 1000bhp turbocharged five-tonne monsters thundering round Paddock Hill Bend, charging up to Druids and, occaisionally careering off at Graham Hill Bend. Despite the chill and misty start to the day the sight and sound of these trucks is truly spectacular and it was great to see Brands Hatch looking immaculate and well-cared for.
Among those racing was Andy Akinwolere from BBC's Blue Peter who, having passed his driving test 2007 was set the challenge of gaining his HGV licence, racing licence and then competing in competition. You can find out how he fared on Tuesday 10th November at 4.35pm on BBC1.
Also racing were Ginettas and Mazdas, the Dunlop Motorsport News Saloons, Pick-up Trucks and Legends Cars UK. Don't ask me how the Legends work out the points for their races, it's very complicated with ballots, reverse grids and points for various heats but I can tell you that these 5/8th scale cars are based on 1930s American NASCAR models.

The Legends racing towards Graham Hill Bend.

Nippy and suprisingly easy to park, driver and truck OK, barrier totally totalled. Time for an early lunch as repairs take place.

Blue Peter truck gets overtaken on Paddock Hill Bend.

Race time ~ charging round Paddock Hill Bend.

Blue Peter's Andy on Paddock hill Bend.