Thursday, 4 October 2012

Waiting for Bats

(Waiting for Bats was written for National Poetry Day 2012, on the theme of stars. It describes an evening in September.)

Overhead, as we wait for bats
The twilight sky is deepening
A jewel box of bright glittering gems
First one or two and then a scattered handful
Look there, is that Mars all milky red?

The moon hasn't risen yet and so
The stars shine bright instead
And then, as planes ply to and fo
With their knowing red/green wink
A satellite in regular transit
Tracks across our sightlines
We follow it for a while
In the absence of any bats
Until it disappears from view
Behind the neighbour's roof

Night falling brings a chill
But now the sky is all aglow
A billion stars singing
A high tide of bright luminescence
Sparkling above

No moon yet
Or bats
But, for all of that
I am wrapped in this richest cloth of night
It's cold now and the midges are starting to bite
Time to go in, never mind
Tomorrow, we'll try waiting for bats