Monday, 15 October 2012

The Power of We

Today is Blog Action Day and the theme this year is the Power of We. It is easy to feel powerless as an individual when looking at the global issues of poverty. Most people can't donate huge sums of money and, as individuals, have limited resources but, the rationale is, even if we are only able to donate a small amount regularly and other people are able to do the same, then the Power of We takes over.  All those small actions add up and become a powerful force to help others.

One of my favourite charities is TreeAid, who works in Africa's Sahel region to help communities provide food and income from trees. You can read about their work here and see how it helps to secure families living off the land and help to combat drought and famine. Something as simple as planting a tree really can change a life.

Giving to charity can seem very disconnected if it is a bank transaction or tick in a box. Each year I try and encourage my kids to do one practical thing to remind ourselves of how we can help others still living in desperate poverty both here and abroad. Some really good schemes are run by great charities that deliver direct to those who need the help. In our local area there is Blytheswood Care who run a Christian Shoebox Appeal for Xmas. Toothpaste, soap, a pair of warm gloves, it really doesn't take much to help others and celebrate the spirit of giving.

These two charities are just an example of the small ways we can all help to make a difference. Small actions that can add up to be powerful tools for change equal the Power of We. And that's a great equation!
For more information on Blog Action Day and the Power of We, visit their website here.