Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sunshine but still cold...

The sun is shining today which means the temperatures are beginning to climb above the freezing mark and the daffodils, having spent the last week or so flattened by frosts and snow, are beginning to bounce back into shape.

I have been putting out fat-balls and high energy feed for the birds, at least the cold is not making the fat rancid as the ground lurches from frozen to snow covered then back to muddy field. I have only managed to get blurry photos of the little Goldcrest (Regulus regulus) visiting the feeders, its size requiring a far higher zoom capability than I have at the moment.

If nothing else this unseasonably cold weather has kept a steady supply of interesting birds visiting the garden. I've also made sure the ground feeding birds have access to food as there is distinct lack of insect activity in the garden so far this year.
The hanging baskets are still indoors, now basking in the sunlight in the conservatory. The aubergine seeds germinated well and now I have the problem of potting on indoors as even the unheated conservatory will be too cold for them. I am holding off with all other seeds and keeping fingers crossed we have hot, dry autumn otherwise the growing season will be very short this year.