Friday, 5 April 2013

Potting on the aubergines

Yesterday it snowed (weary pause) again. It is enough to make a gardener weep with temperatures staying well below average during the day and freezing overnight. The result is that I have had to pot on the aubergines but will have to keep them indoors in the heat all day rather than in the cold conservatory or even the garden itself.  From a packet average of twenty, at least twenty germinated so very pleased with the quality of seed.

We were in Southend-On-Sea earlier in the week and it was lovely to see their blossom trees flowering, there is barely a bud emerging here although I have noticed the magnolia and forsythia are thinking about it. The roses keep trying and keep getting burned back by the cold frosts and wind. I guess this year it is a waiting game.  One encouraging sign is that the wood pigeons are collecting sticks and the jays and magpies have paired up and are arguing over territories.

Huge snowflakes in the garden yesterday.

For keeping an eye on the temps try here for a five day forecast from the Met Office (change location for your area of UK) and a long range forecast for April from the BBC here.