Friday, 24 May 2013

In the garden this week...

The sudden warm, dry weather earlier this month had pushed Spring headlong into an early Summer only to slam on the brakes again with temperatures dropping and rain, sleet and hail arriving this week. Finally it seems the frosts are past and even the beech trees are now in leaf. The downside to the crazy weather, (although we have little to complain about when you see the devastation wreaked abroad by cyclones, storms and flooding) is the lack of butterflies this Spring. I have only seen one comma, one brimstone, one peacock, one speckled wood and a couple of orange tips. No blues, no large or small whites (usually abundant in the garden) and no hummingbird hawk moths. No swifts overhead yet either and few fledglings. 
The flowering bulbs are all now over apart form some allium siculum (Sicilian Honey Garlic) that has grown up through the love in-a-mist and rose. The camelia is shedding its flowers quickly and the blossom is almost gone, leaving a carpet of pink confetti on the ground. Hover flies and bedraggled bees are doing their best to keep on going but the chill damp weather is no fun for them. The yellow dead nettle is in full flower and so providing plenty of flowers for the bees that are braving the weather. Let's hope the Bank Holiday is dryer and warmer as it nearly half the year done. 

 Camellia japonica 'Angel'

Strawberries and oak leaves

Great tit sorting seeds on bird feeder

rose 'Warm Welcome' with blossom confetti behind

Jasmine hedge 

wallflowers and love-in-a-mist

unseasonal hailstorms this week

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Medway Gap ~ Walking in the hidden landscape of Kent

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Burham 

A beautiful church that dates back to the 11th Century tucked in a horseshoe bend of the River Medway. 

Kent Wildlife Trust's Burham Marsh tidal reedbed nature reserve.

Water meadow and heron.

Industrial landscape, across the river.

The footpath along the embankment.

Stone  on the river bank commemorating the Battle of Medway in AD 43.

Canada geese fly past.

For more information on the Medway Gap visit the links below:

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