Friday, 12 July 2013

More BBQ weather for the weekend...

The sunshine continues and all the flowering plants have finally caught up with the season, except for the jasmine. The strawberries have been eaten, the peas are nearly ready for picking and one or two more butterflies are emerging. The dry weather makes the mowing much easier and the pond in the plastic box has had to be topped up this year, the first time for a long time. Thunderstorms are forecast but, fingers crossed, I'm hoping there's more BBQ weather for the weekend.

This was bought labelled as a deutzia but looks more like an abutilon to me.

fern and lobelia

peas soon

comma on the golden hop vine

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Window

More than ever now
My life
A stained glass window
Of interconnecting facets
All I have seen
All I have felt
All I have known

How can I make sense of this kaleidoscope
Of light and shade
Am I the sum of all these parts
A patchwork cemented in time and place

Yet, when examined, it seems
I am no more than
The play of light through a window