Friday, 2 August 2013

A safari of stuff happening in the garden..

This week has featured an action packed safari of stuff happening in the garden. From torrential thunderstorms and the hottest day EVER since the last one (and it was very, very hot, up in the mid 30*c range) to really very exciting wildlife turning up.

A bird of prey made short work of one of the wood pigeons, snatching it from the conservatory roof in a cloud of feathers. It was too far for the camera to get a very good shot but I think it's a young goshawk.
The dragonflies started to arrive, using flower stems and twigs in the QMMFB as hunting perches and a moth hunt late in the twilight revealed lots of Silver Y moths feasting on the white valerian.

Bats are much easier to spot now as the nights draw in. Their erratic zigzagging flight makes them easily identifiable from the late-to-roost birds.
The garden itself is loving the heat and rain. Roses are repeat flowering and the honeysuckle is laden with flowers. The buddlejas are beginning to open up and there are suddenly little dancing troupes of small white butterflies in the air. Large whites, commas and gatekeepers are emerging and I am hoping to see some more peacocks, red admirals and tortoiseshells soon. Sadly this year there have been no hummingbird hawk moths.
The thought of a hot autumn flowing on from a hot summer seems a real possibility this year, so fingers crossed, the summer continues long into August.

(click on photos for larger image)