Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Taking Stock of Spring

The sudden change in the weather this week from cold winds and rain to sunshine and warmth has meant venturing out into the garden is becoming more of a pleasure than a chore. Sitting in sunshine on the back step with a cup of hot coffee and watching Spring take over the garden is always a treat. From daffodils to clematis buds, roses and calendula, everything is growing, including the grass. Early frosts and boggy conditions have meant mowing is almost a forgotten chore but this week, with morning frosts set to disappear by the weekend, I have no excuse. Time to dig out the mower out and give it a check over.

lupin and clematis

Time also to open up the tin of seeds and see what's in there for this year. I've found stocks, candytuft, teasels, sweet peas, foxglove and antirrhinum along with some sarracenia to try for the conservatory, lettuce, basil and climbing beans. Outside, some of last year's perennials have made it through, lupins, a few delphiniums and quite a lot of the strawberries.

calendula and daffodils

From where I'm sitting typing this, I can hear the garden birds, from collared doves and wood pigeons, to blackbirds, robins and further out in the woods, nuthatches and finches are all singing. Seems I'm not the only one taking stock of Spring.