Monday, 31 March 2014

Things to do with the extra daylight

Losing an hour of sleep over the weekend is made much more bearable by the thought of lighter evenings and more time for gardening. This is such a lovely time of year, Spring flowers, birdsong and trees bursting into bud, not to mention the return of warmer weather, even if there was the odd sleet, snow and hailstorm last week. Wallflowers are starting to bud as the daffodils, violas, violets and primula flower. The aquilegia and nigella need thinning. The not-quite-lawn is a mix of flowers and grass including violet, primula, daisy and clover. I am trying to nurse the pasque flower back after such boggy wet winter. Clematis, honeysuckle, climbing roses and hops are all growing quickly and the perennials seeded last year have been planted out.

Nigella and aquilega for thinning

Bellflower and geranium

Hard surfaces and contrast plants

Spring colour

Pond in a plastic box thriving after wet winter (new pond still go in but fences will have to take priority after winter storms.)

New growth on the climbers

Pasque flower just about surviving the boggy conditions

not quite lawn...