Friday, 4 July 2014

June bugs and July butterflies

Gardening teaches you to appreciate the moment. All too quickly flowers fade and the weather changes or insects take over and children and pets run amok. I have long since given up trying to create a manicured piece of perfection, how dull to never see a daisy or never have a lawn full of violets and bugle or, for that matter, a caterpillar, spider or snail, all food for the garden birds. Even the greenfly are loved by the ladybirds and ants. June is always a month full of bugs in the garden. But by having these small creatures there is plenty of food for the birds, butterflies, moths and bees and by tolerating the occasional damage and loss of plants, a much richer tapestry is worked across the garden. Just at the moment something looks truly dreadful, somewhere else a beautiful flower, a delicious scent, or an interesting insect will bring delight.

There is though, something endlessly timeless about the repeating patterns of seasons, each day a new page to fill with change. This year it looks as though the grapes will do well and the buddleja is promising July butterflies soon. The climbing roses are repeat flowering, loving the hot weather after a wet Spring and the garden is full of the scent of the jasmine just coming into flower. The dog may have trampled the love-in-a-mist and the bindweed may have swamped the hop vine but for now, there's a moment of delight in the roses and the sweet, warm breeze.

Might be abutilon

Blue skies

the dog does not have green fingers

Interesting insect holes in hop leaf

Climbing white rose

Pretty in pink

Shady dog rose

Jasmine hedge