Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Seeds are for sowing..

It's always a delight at this time of year to dig out the old, round sweet tin I keep my seed packets in and have a root through to see what I'm going to sow for this year. I had almost forgotten the ornamental purple cotton seeds that had taken my fancy last year. Plus the 'oak leaf' lettuce and basil for the windowsill. I found an unused packet of cornflowers from a multi-pack that is still in date and some carnivorous fly-catcher seeds from Chelsea that must be used by SEPT  2015! (No putting it off any longer then.) And, after a missing a year last year, several packets of various sweet peas. Add to this rather eclectic selection my son's packet of California Giant Redwood doing their pre-planting cold stint in the fridge and it's no wonder the garden is never a symphony of well-planned or co-ordinated schemes...

Cotton seeds can be purchased at Cotton Acres.