Sunday, 6 September 2015

Finding Places for People

If European and world leaders haven't the stomach for regime change in Syria, however brutally flawed the regime, at least have the heart to provide a breathing space for refugees to rebuild shattered lives while contributing to the local economy and community. The strength of spirit these refugees will need to rebuild their country in future years will not be found in semi-permanent camps or behind barbed wire. It should not be leached away by political infighting, statistics and nights spent on the side of cold roads while the rest of the world weeps without consequence.

Across Europe and the world there are communities, many rural, needing skilled, literate families, from doctors to crop pickers to help revitalise their economy. If the political machinery of the world has become so hamstrung by its own bureaucracy it is unable to act, perhaps we need to look at other avenues to find places for people. Mayors, community groups, local employers, village councils who know the shortages and empty homes in their areas could help to provide economic support for these refugees before organised crime, profiteering, racketeering and people traffickers take over and before another nation's hearts and minds are lost.