Monday, 16 May 2016

Whispers of a dry summer...

May arrived in a hurry with a weekend of high temperatures bringing on trees and shrubs in a flurry of soft greens, the woods full of bluebells and the garden full of birdsong.

The winter finished off the old pergola, with the wood supports rotten through and the low brick wall behind it split and in need of repair. The small patio it covered is still fine and with the wall repair underway, the top of which will return to providing a garden seat with a view to the woods, the open patio is a good place for the BBQ. The two climbing roses were saved but the honeysuckle was far too woody and without flower to bother.


The winter jasmine in the front garden had also become too overgrown and had crowded out the passion flower and the Virginia creeper had rotted out in the terrible weather last year. So a complete change with a new climbing rose, hostas from dividing up some pot-bound ones and a snowball vibernum (Vibernum opulus 'Roseum') from a local Medway plant fair.

The patio pots have all been weeded and mulched for the summer, I hear whispers of a dry summer, fingers crossed after last year's washout. New plants this year also include, angelica Archangelica from Invicta Herbs and lupins, campanula and wallflowers.




hop and geranium

rose and valerian ready to flower


 A squirrel finds a way to get ahead of the competition for food.
No wonder the campanula is struggling...

grape vine

wallflowers now